I discovered photography at the age of 13 and have not looked back.

It's my profession, my hobby, my passion and a piece of me that has grown over the past 26 years.

I received my BFA in photography from NIU in 1997, and had the pleasure to work under some of the Masters of photography shortly after.

My work has been shown in 15 galleries in the Midwest, and seen in numerous publications.  I began photographing architecture, then discovered the enjoyment of photographing the urban music scene.

Throughout my extensive travels, I have taken every opportunity to fulfill my need to capture a moment in time
from inanimate objects, landscapes, architecture and portraits. 

I am a purist when it comes to photography and still shoot film; and can be found in the darkroom from time to time. 

My style has been described as photojournalistic, though I like to document and capture the creation of a moment, I also enjoy having to direct or produce it.  

I feel my body of work is eclectic, and I'm able to adapt to any environment or situation with enjoyment because every snap of the shutter I take, captures a single moment in time.


Please feel free to contact me so we may discuss your needs.  I like to provide a collaboration while creating art and memories.

I am available at my studio in Chicago or at any location of your choosing.